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Wikipedia refers to Pi as one of the most famous scientific notations. There is even a Pi Day to celebrate that. For us, Pi2 comes from Pi:tu, which is a group of talented people that turn communication into great results for our clients.


Pi2 [pi:tu] is an award winning PR agency with extensive experience in a number of communication and marketing areas. We advise businesses and organizations on topics that relate to branding, marketing, media relations, social media, public affairs, crisis and issues management. Our comprehensive range of communication instruments address various stakeholders such as business partners, journalists, shareholders, clients, employees and authorities.


Our expertise in strategic communications combined with a strong understanding of how new media works and an ongoing focus on innovation provide our clients with result-oriented public relations services.

Mirela Pitu, Founder & CEO


Mirela has over 20 years of professional experience with established credentials in market entry consultancy, business and marketing communication. Highly entrepreneurial, Mirela founded Pi2 in 2008. She has graduated the Executive MBA program at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and has been Board Member of the Romanian Association of PR Professionals.

Sorina Severin, Client Service Director


Sorina started her career in media & journalism, where she combined content writing with in-depth research and project management skills for different editorial projects. After spending 7 years at one of the most important media outlets in Romania she joined Pi2 in 2018 with one clear objective: build outstanding client relationships. She coordinates the team on a daily basis to ensure excellent understanding of clients’ businesses and co-ordinates their communication plans so as to meet their objectives.


We take care of reputations. We handle media relations so that businesses are properly understood. We communicate business plans to investors and shareholders. We tell the brand story to generate positive response and engage people in your brand experience. We shape public opinion and promote regulatory initiatives. We do PR that makes sense.


By offering a unique mixture of industry and media sector knowledge combined with outstanding communications skills, reliability, creativity and professionalism we integrate public relations in our clients’ business strategy, ensuring measurable results that help our clients achieve their business objectives.

Strategic consultancy

We are EMBA graduates and therefore we always look for the value added that communication and PR can bring. We help businesses improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing problems and development of plans for improvement. We work together with the client to identify and address some of the most complex and urgent business challenges. Through strategic counseling and efficient project management we provide companies with stakeholder analysis and mapping, brand positioning, PR and marketing calendars, as well as reputation management.

Media relations

We know how media works, what editors need and how they process information. We work together with the client to develop key messages and then pitch the stories to the media. We are tireless in searching for new media opportunities and virtually everyone in the agency is engaged in daily relationships with journalists. We are focused on delivering the right information and ensure that journalists understand the business of our clients.

Digital and Social Media

This is hot for sure. Everyone wants it. But what is it, really? For starters it’s about Facebook engagement, Twitter followers or LinkedIn communication. It’s about video content on YouTube and photo library on Instagram. For connaisseurs, social is online and instant conversation with audience.

Crisis Management

Our approach is to avoid crisis. That is why we master a crisis-preventing system that helps our client anticipate and handle the crisis before it occurs. Most crises are newsworthy and attract media interest. In this situation, our crisis management system provides support in media interaction in order to avoid any negative impact on the value, profitability and ultimately the reputation of the company.

Public Affairs

We create programs to shape public opinion, promote regulatory and legislative initiatives, and manage public issues. We build reputations of both companies and industries looking to create a positive climate for government action. Whether working for an association of real estate companies interested in promoting critical legislation or a US investor entering the Romanian market, our approach is to combine industry and political knowledge with the close relationships established with key opinion leaders and decision makers.

Internal Communication

Engaging employees and changing behaviors requires reaching them where, when and how they want to be reached. Whether you want to clarify facts, communicate management changes or simply introduce new projects and programs, an efficient internal communication process is crucial for the wellbeing of the company. Our range of services includes strategy and message development, editorial services for newsletters, communications training, employee events, creation of internal blogging and online communities for employees.



We’re famous for the quality and value of our services. If you take a look at the number of awards we win, it would seem that the experts tend to agree.